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CompleteTax.com offers a range of services and packages to make your tax-filing life a little bit easier. There are three packages to choose from, ranging from Basic (tax filing is free) to Premium ($39.95), although even the basic package requires you to pay a registration fee of $9.95, and State returns cost extra, so be a little bit cautious about entering your card details if you’re under the impression you won’t be charged anything.  

The biggest issue with this site is its frequent redirections. Interested in learning about what safety features they have in place, or which features are included in the deluxe package, or simply how to contact customer services? Well get ready to be redirected, because a large number of CompleteTax.com’s pages are located elsewhere (primarily eSmartTax). This can become confusing as you can’t be quite sure which site you’re signing up to or whether or not any work you do one will appear on the other. On the whole CompleteTax appears as something of a front for the services provided by other sites, although once you get past the confusion of being redirected, their service is solid. If you require support then you can talk to tax experts using a live chat system, which is particularly useful because it means that you are able to get support as you fill out the forms, rather than having to wait hours (or even days) for an email response to a query.

In particular this site hosts a bounty of guarantees, which is something of a reassurance given the private nature of the data you’re supplying and the amount you’re paying for the privilege. You are guaranteed a maximum refund, price locking at the time that you purchase your package, accurate calculations, data security and your “satisfaction”. Any tax preparation fees are refunded if you are not happy with the service provided, if you discover any errors in calculations, or if you get a larger tax refund using another service. The software available also requires no download meaning that your information is safely stored on the site’s system, just in case your own computer has a problem. The services on offer develop as you upgrade packages, though the Basic package is probably fine for most people. If you’re looking to handle itemized deductions or require support with capital gains and losses, and dividend income, then the deluxe package is worth considering. People who are self employed or who are the sole proprietors of a business may want to consider the Premium package as this allows you to submit profit and loss from your business, as well as supporting your income and loss reports from rental real estate. If you’re of the charitable ilk then the Premium package also allows you to accurately value all of your charitable donations.

This isn’t the cheapest site around, but its services will do the jobs you need. You’re also paying for the peace of mind, knowing that your information is safe and accurate, and that if a problem occurs then you’ll receive support for a team of experts. This is all backed up by a complimentary set of guarantees, which is no bad thing. Being bounced around the internet can become irritating, though, and the majority of the best features are run through eSmartTax rather than CompleteTax.com so you’ll find yourself moving between them, although it seems like their databases are linked so you shouldn’t be interrupted in doing so. 

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