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One Price Taxes Review

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OnePriceTaxes.com is a tax filing system that – as you might have guessed – charges a single price for all of its services. Actually that’s not quite true because it offers a couple of cheaper alternatives, which we’ll go on to discuss shortly. For now though, the basic premise is this: if you have federal and state taxes to file you can do so for $24.99 with onePriceTaxes.

Although the site claims that you can prepare your taxes in under 30 minutes using their software, you may be hard pressed in doing so. Getting to grips with a new piece of software, reading about how it works and managing to input your data carefully are not things you want to rush. ‘Speed’ isn’t necessarily a word we want to associate with something so important, but ‘easy to use’ is another matter and the software OnePriceTaxes provides seems to do the job without too much hassle. The site itself is also relatively simple to navigate although there are a lot of subheadings about secondary information (such as Facebook user discounts) and customer testimonials flashing across the screen. We realise that websites need to advertise their positive qualities but these bits of information don’t need to keep appearing, they can be kept to relevant areas of the site (such as the payments page).

The features on offer are quite normal for tax filing websites, which is fine but doesn’t offer any particular incentive to use this site over any other. Video guides might have been a good idea, and though we do appreciate the live link to a member of customer support, a far more substantial FAQ would have helped to solve most of our problems without needing to have a live chat. In fact when we did try to have a live chat there was no-one available to help, so we were somewhat stranded. The system is a good idea but it needs to be managed well to make it efficient.  However, there are some handy pages on tax brackets and links to relevant tax sites which are worth checking out.

 And back to that ‘one price’ slogan. As we mentioned you can actually pay for a couple of other services which aren’t $24.95, including filing your federal taxes OR your state taxes for just $14.95. If you can prove that you are unemployed then you are able to file your taxes for free, which is good to see. Otherwise, onePricetaxes.com compares its costs for a number of price models with those of its competitors and appears to come out as a far cheaper option in some scenarios. It’s worth taking the time to check their “why choose us” section to see which tax situations might affect you and whether or not they can save you money.

This is a pretty ‘middle of the road’ tax filing site but if you find your particular tax situation is costing too much to file elsewhere then it’s worth considering OnepriceTaxes.com before calling an accountant.

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