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Category: US Online Tax Filing Services
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Intuit: Turbo Tax Review

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TurboTax.intuit.com is the USA’s leading online tax filing service. The site claims to have more users in the USA than all of the other major sites combined, which is quite an accomplishment, but does it mean it is better than them? Well, not quite, but it’s a pretty close competition and turboTax is certainly up there with the best of them.

Let’s start with the major positive: this site has a huge array of features, some of which are innovative and not seen elsewhere. In particular we were pleasantly surprised by the number of mobile apps on offer, and the variety of tax calculators, which help you to work out your taxes for very particular scenarios such as a family crisis or unforeseen changes in your lifestyle. Most users will likely want to use the online services, but if you wish to have a hard copy (on CD or downloaded) then you can pay a little more to procure a copy of the software package you are interested in. This flexibility, combined with a pretty substantial variety of tax filing services (including an active military personnel option – please check the site for details) means that you should be able to find a range of services to suit your budget and individual needs.

Customer support is another major plus of this site. You can send email, check the FAQ or engage in live chats with industry professionals. We were particularly impressed to learn that all of the tax experts on this site are CPAs, EAs or Tax Attorneys, which is certainly reassuring as you know that the people you’re getting advice from are legitimate sources of information. The FAQ section is well organised and you are also able to search through the database or questions, which is a great thing to see because many of the sites we have reviewed fail to include a search function, which means you have to search through a list of questions manually.

So what are the down points? Well there aren’t many big issues, per se, but there is room for improvement. Firstly, although a free package is available, its functions and features are limited, so many people will have to opt for a paid package. The paid services aren’t massively overpriced, but there are cheaper options available elsewhere. Ordering the CD or download version of software is also much more expensive than simply filing your return online, so you’ll definitely want to think about whether or not owning the software is a major concern before splashing out on it. The site isn’t difficult to use but quite a lot of information seems to flash past you on banners, telling you about offers and their staff. You can go back to each ‘slide’ to reread it but if you’re not quick then it’ll continue on its jolly way and you’ll have to click again to find out what it said. It’s also not always apparent where basic information is located as the site too frequently has long pages of information when it might have been better to simply have a selection of drop down boxes to help you choose the part of the site you’re looking for without having to scroll through an array of others before hand.

All in all, turboTax.Intuit.com offers a massive range of features which could be a great help to a great many customers. Its prices are fair, but not the best around, and whilst the site can be a little tedious to scroll through, the service on offer is a comprehensive and reliable one. Check it out.

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