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TaxBack.com offers a variety of services which actually help you to reclaim, rather than pay, taxes. There is a particular focus on three key areas for individuals or for businesses who are working or investing across the globe. The first key service is to handle income tax returns for individuals who are working or self employed. This covers 16 countries and helps people to fill in tax returns as well as claiming tax refunds from abroad. The second main service offered on this site is for VAT claims relevant to international businesses. These claims might be for business costs such as hotels, trade shows or travel costs and they cover over 40 countries. Lastly, TaxBack.com attempts to reduce tax liabilities for overseas investors in a bid to increase the profit of their investments. This site offers a global service through local offices, managing all processes that go through rather than outsourcing them, meaning that your claim will always be handled by them.

It’s all sounding pretty impressive, right? So why doesn’t this site have top marks from us? The primary reason for this is a slight lack of information. You’ll notice that we couldn’t rate the cost of this service; this is because each client’s claims are considered individually and quotes are provided depending on your needs. To find out how much a claim will cost you need to fill in the details using a 4-step claims calculator. This involves entering your tax country, your personal details and your expenses. The site’s staff will then contact you with a quote. It’s a fair enough system in reality but some guidelines on how much an average transaction will cost you would have been handy because if it were not in your price range (or you felt it was unreasonable) you wouldn’t need to go through the whole quote process in the first place. That said, the registration / claim process is quick and easy, especially compared to a number of tax filing sites which require a lot of documentation. We would also like to see more information regarding the safety and security options available to users, and to know a bit more about the whole ‘process’ of the claims being made ahead of time. The easy-use ‘quote’ system is all very good for speed but there’s a certain amount of trepidation encountered by not knowing what happens between entering your details and finally receiving a refund.

The site isn’t full of features but the service on offer is fairly ‘hands-off’ for the customer. You are able to watch a few videos about TaxBack, read reviews on their services and download a tax pack, amongst other minor things. The site is very useful to international business, though, and its system seems a user-friendly way of understanding and claiming for taxes you’ve paid abroad. It will be especially useful to individuals who have worked abroad and paid too much tax, and for businesses who are looking to expand abroad and want to claim back VAT or to deal with taxes for their employees who have been on sabbaticals. It is worth reading through the site’s information and contacting their customer services team to decide whether or not TaxBack.com will be useful to you. If you think you’ve been paying too much tax either at home or abroad then this could well be a site of great value to you.

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