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eFile Tax Returns Review

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eFileTaxReturns offers a wide range of services for a variety of tax-filing needs. The most basic package is completely free and is best for 1040EZ returns. This service also allows basic customer support via email and a guaranteed accuracy on all calculations. All packages allow you to file state returns, though these cost an extra fee (which is common to tax filing website services). Simple returns can be achieved using the Basic package for a small fee, which can be a good option for certain groups, including if you have a retirement income or have dependants. For people who need to itemise or claim credits, EfileTaxReturns.com offers a package which allows you to include child tax credits or education credits, and you also get the benefit of live chat support, which is a great feature if you’re not 100% sure on how to go about filling out the various forms because it means you can receive on-the-spot information and assistance from professional tax advisers. The premium package offers an extended selection of services, including the ability to file all supported federal tax forms. Another bonus of this package is the exclusive bank product, which allows you to have your tax preparation fee deducted from your federal refund.

The site is quite restrictive in terms of letting you access information or seeing how the system works without having signed up and entered some of your personal details, although signing up isn’t a particularly difficult process. We would like to have seen more information available prior to signing-up, though, as this can help you to decide whether or not you feel the site is the one you want to use in a much shorter time. Those things taken into account, you are not required to pay for the service you use until you are ready to file your tax return. EfileTaxreturns has also been servicing customers since 2002, so it has a relatively long history in providing the services on offer, which is something of a reassurance as you might expect the site to have folded if people weren’t keen to use it.

If you’re looking for support then there’s a fairly decent FAQ section, although it’s not well organised and you simply have to scan through a list of questions to find the one you’re after. If your answer can’t be found then you can contact customer services, either via email (if you’re a free or Basic user), or using a live chat (for Plus and Premium members). This isn’t a bad service but there are better ones available, who offer voice chat and videos which help guide you through the tax filing process. If you’re a free member then relying on email support can be a bit of a bother because you can never be sure when you’ll receive a response, which means you’ll have to be extra well prepared and ahead of the game to make sure you have enough time to take on their recommendations.

efileTaxReturns.com is a decent site with a range of packages available to suit your budget. But it could go the extra mile with its customer support, and finding the information you need before having signed up can become a fruitless process. However, the free package is certainly worth considering if you’re on a budget and if you have particular personal or business needs then its other packages should do the job.

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