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What a pain!!!
27 April 2020
Reviewer: Cmitchell from Tucson, AZ

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I completed & submitted my state & fed returns. Federal Tax was free. I paid for the state return & the extra $6.99 for the DELUXE edition. With that, I could use the ONLINE CHAT & file amended returns features. I only used online chat once - that was when I first filed.

The ability to navigate through the site was poor & confusing thus requiring the need for assistance.
I finished entering the information & I thought my filing was complete. Tax Hawk said I should be receiving an email if the returns were accepted by the state & IRS. They were and I received those confirmations.

Yesterday I tried to file an amended return. When I went to my Tax Return, I got only one option: Continue filing my return.
Confusion again! I went to the Online Chat feature & although I have a receipt showing I paid for the Deluxe, I couldn't use that feature without paying. It didn't recognize that I had paid and had already completed my returns.

I could only use Support via email. Response could be up to 24 hrs. There was no phone number to call in order to speak with a live person. Everything had to be done online. When I tried to navigate to the previous pages, I could not get to the pages I needed. CONFUSION again! I had to sign out & in each time. I've had to do that about 8 times already.

I need to file an amended return. I cannot. I need to print out the returns I already completed and filed. I cannot. All I have is a printed Preview Copy. I need to do an online chat. I cannot (because I can't communicate online that I've paid for the Deluxe edition). I need to speak with a live person. I cannot because Tax Hawk does not have a phone number for a customer to use!! (MAKE SURE WHOEVER YOU DO TAXES WITH OFFERS THIS SERVICE!!)

If I go to my 2019 returns, Tax Hawk could theoretically resubmit my tax returns that the state & IRS already received. I am stuck on the one option: Continue Filing the 2019 Returns.Then, Tax Hawk could theoretically charge me again because it obviously doesn't recognize I've already paid in February. If I use the Continue button, I would need to speak with someone due to the confusing navigation. Does that mean I need to pay for the Deluxe Edition again?

I may have to move everything all over to another company and start all over again, even paying the new company. I would have to fill in the form all over again. I would have to make sure that only the amended return is submitted.

Due to the long tedious process of communication & resolving these matters, I will not be use Tax Hawk again although I had used them since 2012. It had been easy just to continue with the annual filing because my information was already there. However, features later became confusing & customer service became very poor. THERE WAS NO WAY TO TALK TO A LIVE PERSON ONLINE OR ON PHONE.

Today I did finally receive a customer support email. I have told them what I needed to do and the difficulties I've had proceeding. Only one person was able to somewhat help - Jackie. She told me where a button was. I had to sign out & sign in again. I'm still waiting to see if I can proceed past the roadblocks.

The customer service, communication, absence of a phone #, confusion in my returns, & the inability to access my returns make business with Tax Hawk impossible.

In summary, I would not recommend Tax Hawk to a friend.

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