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I like On Line Taxes
15 April 2015
Reviewer: Tax Procrastinator from Boston, MA

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I like OnLine taxes. This is my second year using OLT.com. What I like is that it provides a basic, easy to navigate service at a low price with a couple of 'perks' that are incredibly handy, such as the ability to access last year's returns for reference, and the ability to live chat with an operator and get questions answered on the spot.

In terms of price, I paid $15.90 to file federal and state taxes. The state tax filing is $7.95 regardless of state. In addition I got the access to prior year returns and the live customer service.

The navigation is easy to understand and I can get the job done. There are no bells and whistles, 'infotainment', fancy apps or otherwise on this site. I don't really need that stuff at this point in my taxpaying life -- I just want to key my information in, get a question answered here and there, and get it done as quickly as possible.

The live chat is incredibly useful to have as a tool when entering the information, although the last time I used the live chat, on tax day itself, I had to wait over 10 minutes to connect with an operator.

I faced a slightly unusual tax situation this year, although not so much that I couldn't figure it out. I read up on my situation via the IRS website beforehand which gave me a pretty good idea of what I needed to do before I started on OLT. I agree that this might not be the site for you if you don't feel confident in your knowledge; but if this is your situation, I recommend paying a live professional rather than trying to find a software service that can get you through it.

In summary, I would recommend OLT.com to a friend.

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